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CL4027    6x4"two-way,all-weather column speaker with different colours or functions


The CL4027 series is a 4”, two-way,all-weather column speaker with different colours or functions, with waterproof, dustproof, windproof, anti-uv aging, dustproof and waterproof covers specially designed for input and output, and multi-layer different functional grille. The product meets the IP56 standard. The exposed metal parts are sprayed with stainless steel or aluminum, and the mounting bracket is sprayed with low-carbon steel to meet all-weather use. The sound is soft and balanced. Unit configuration: 6x4" 25mm voice coil ferrite mid-bass units, 1x1" exit throat 34mm HF driver with horn, the cabinet is made of  aluminum alloy, and the upper and lower panels of the cabinet are die-cast. The B and W after the model represent black, T represents the configuration of transformer and band switch to achieve a variety of different output powers including constant resistance.


●Pass IP56 testing 
●Aluminum alloy housing, impact resistance, weather resistance
●Two-way design, wide horizontal and vertical angles, soft and balanced sound
●Various installation methods, easy and fast operation

●Applications: outdoor sound reinforcement, parks, churches, conference rooms, classrooms, sound reinforcement for outdoor screens


MODEL CL4027B/CL4027W CL4027BT/CL4027WT
FREQUENCY RESPONSE(-10dB) 120Hz-18kHz 120Hz-18kHz
DRIVERS 6×4"(100mm)/1"voice coil LF 6×4"(100mm)/1"voice coil LF
1×1"(25mm)/1.4"voice coil HF 1×1"(25mm)/1.4"voice coil HF
RATED POWER 200W RMS,800W peak 37.5W/75W/150W/OFF/6Ω200W
SENSITIVITY 96dB 1watt/1 metre 96dB 1watt/1 metre
MAXIMUM SPL 119dB continuous,125dB peak 119dB continuous,125dB peak
IMPEDANCE 6 ohms nominal 6 ohms nominal
DISPERSION(-6dB) 100°×40° 100°×40°
CROSSOVER FREQUENCIES 2.2kHz passive 2.2kHz passive
PACKAGE SIZE 1050mm×380mm×193mm(1 pair) 1050mm×380mm×193mm(1 pair)
NET WEIGHT 11 kg/pc 12 kg/pc
GROSS WEIGHT 26 kg/pair 27 kg/pair