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1. Model:M12 
2.  8-channel microphone input, 4-channel (two groups) stereo input; 
3.  48V phantom power 
4.  Two auxiliary output, an AUX send, an FX send, aux sent to the flipper before the 
signal, FX sent to the Flipper after the signal, the signal sent by the knob control;  
5.  Each input Channel with the PFL key, easy to listen to the flipper before the signal 
6.  L-R switch (main output switch) and G1-G2 switch (two group switches)  
7.  USB  display function with LED, can display song name and lyrics, support MP3, 
WAV and other formats,  
8. with Bluetooth function, you can directly bluetooth input audio 
9.  with U disk recording function;  
10.  can connect to the computer, through the sound card input and output audio to  
         the computer; 
11.  built-in effector 
12.  Microphone input can choose a speakon or 6.35 connector,stereo input can 
choose RCA OR 6.35 connector