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F260/F200    Multifunctional Digital Mixer


F260/F200 are two styles multi-function digital mixers with small size, light weight, full functions, friendly man-machine interface, intuitive and simple operation, quick response and other characteristics. They can be compatible with devices using iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems, remotely controlled by connecting the WiFi / hot signal of the mixer via mobile phone, tablet or computer, have the function of the central control based on “UDP” protocol. The function permissions can be preset to avoid misoperation to the greatest extent. It is suitable for small and medium-sized performance, conference rooms, cultural auditoriums, multi-function halls and other sound amplification systems.


MODEL F260  F200
Micphone Input 16 channels 12 channels
Stereo Input 3 channels 2 channels
Digital Stereo Input 2 channels
BUS Output channels 6 channels
Programmable DCA Channels 8 channels
Stereo Main Output 1 channel
Stereo Monitor Output 1 channel
Stereo Digital Output 3 channels 2 channels
Capacitive Touch Screen 10" HD 1280x800 8" HD 1280x800
Dimensions (WxDxH) 380mmx490mmx140mm 310mm x430mmx110mm
Packing Size(WxDxH) 460mmx590mmx205mm 350mmx460mmx150mm
 N.W 6.5Kg 4.0Kg
G.W. 8.8Kg 6.0Kg
Hardware Parameters
Input Gain Microphone /Line Gain: -20.0dB70.0dB
Threshold: (Automatic Transient,Automatic Release)
Threshold Value: -80~0dB
Threshold Value: -60dB~0dB
Compression Ratio: 1:1~1000:1
Attack Time: 1ms~120ms
Release Time: 10ms~4000ms
Hold Time: 1ms~2000ms
Makeup Gain: -20dB - +20dB
Input Channel Equalizer: 4 frequency range parameters equalizer
each frequency range: 20Hz~20kHz
Q Value : 0.05~15
增益Gain: -20dB - +20dB
HPF: 20Hz~20kHz连续可调continuous adjustable
LPF: 20Hz~20kHz连续可调continuous adjustable 
Output Channel Equalizer: 4个31段GEQ, 20Hz~20kHz, 土15dB 
Slope: -12dB/Oct、-24dB/Oct 可选 optional
Type: Butterworth、Linkwi?tz-Riley 
Output Compressor
Threshold Value -60dB^ +0dB
Compression Ratio 1:1~1000:1
Attack Time 1ms~120ms
Release Time 10ms~4000ms
Hold Time 1ms~2000ms
Makeup Gain -20dB - +20dB
Delay Mic Input -ADC-DSP-DAC-Line Output: <1ms
Input/Output Impedance Mic Input: 2.5kΩ, Line Input: 10kΩ,Output: 100Ω
Power Supply 88~265VAC  47~63Hz Auto-induction
Power Consumption (Typical Value) <55W