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DLA410/DLA410A    2x10" 3-way line array system


DLA410 is a compact, light weight, high SPL, 3-way line array speaker. It features low distortion mid-bass unit, mid-high coaxial driver with special waveguide and horn, accurate coverage, uniform changes, three-point hanging system, the whole system installation is fast, stable and safe. Unit configuration:2x10" high efficiency neodymium mid-bass units, 1x1.4" exit throat 90mm voice coil neodymium MF driver and 44mm HF driver coaxial neodymium unit. The cabinet is made of multilayer composite plywood with wear-resistant polyurea paint.  DLA410A is an active line array speaker with two channels digital amplifier with DSP. 


●Product parameters have been entered into EASE loudspeaker database
●Mid-high coaxial unit, real 3-way speaker, clear and powerful.
●Passive way, simple operation, save amplifiers
●Quick setup for hanging and stacking. 
●Applications: theaters, concert halls, multifunction halls, lecture halls, auditoriums, stadiums, live houses, and touring


FREQUENCY RESPONSE(-3dB) 60Hz-18kHz 60Hz-18kHz
FREQUENCY RESPONSE(-10dB) 55Hz-20kHz   55Hz-20kHz  
DRIVERS 2×10"(250mm)/3"voice coil LF    2×10"(250mm)/3"voice coil LF   
1×1.4"(36mm)/3.5"voice coil MF    1×1.4"(36mm)/3.5"voice coil MF   
1×1.4"(36mm)/1.7"voice coil HF    1×1.4"(36mm)/1.7"voice coil HF   
RATED POWER 500W RMS,2000W peak 300W/8Ω+800W/8Ω
SENSITIVITY 101dB  1watt/1meter
MAXIMUM SPL 127dB continuous,133dB peak 127dB continuous,135 dB peak
IMPEDANCE 8 ohms nominal
DISPERSION(-6dB) Horizontal: 90°  Horizontal: 90° 
Vertical coverage: Varies,depending on  Vertical coverage: Varies,depending on 
array length and configuration array length and configuration
INPUT CONNECTORS 2×Speakon NL4 INPUT TYPE: Balanced Differential line
PACKAGE SIZE 537mm×400mm×720mm 537mm×400mm×720mm
NET WEIGHT 26 kg/pc   28 kg/pc  
GROSS WEIGHT 30 kg/pc 32 kg/pc