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DLA115B/DLA115BAS    1x15" Sub-woofer /1x15"Active Sub-woofer


DLA115B is a single 15" subwoofer. It features 1x15" 75mm voice coil woofer, bass-reflex design, three-point hanging system matched with DLA206, can be hung, supported and stacked to improve the low frequency performance of the system. The cabinet is made of multilayer composite plywood with wear-resistant polyurea paint. DLA115BAS is equipped with two channels digital amplifier with DSP based on DLA115B to be an active system with DLA206.


●High quality component, bass-reflex design, full and elastic sound 
●Quick setup for hanging, stacking and supporting 

●Applications: multifunction halls, lecture halls, auditoriums, churches, and small touring


FREQUENCY RESPONSE(-3dB) 40Hz-300Hz   40Hz-300Hz and 50Hz-20kHz
DRIVERS 1×15"(385mm)/4"voice coil LF 1×15"(385mm)/4"voice coil LF
RATED POWER 600W RMS,2400W peak 900W/4Ω+800W/8Ω
SENSITIVITY 99dB 1watt/1 metre
MAXIMUM SPL 127dB continuous,133 dB peak 127dB continuous,133 dB peak
IMPEDANCE 8 ohms nominal
INPUT CONNECTORS 2×Speakon NL4 INPUT TYPE: Balanced Differential line
PACKAGE SIZE 682mm×520mm×545mm 682mm×520mm×545mm
NET WEIGHT 34 kg/pc   36 kg/pc  
GROSS WEIGHT 38 kg/pc 40 kg/pc