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SA2.36 / SA2.68 / SA2.68II / SA3.336 / SA3.448    Active Amplifier


The SA series of active amplifier module, designed for active systems, using Class D circuit, modularized design, independent PWM fixed frequency modulation, to reduce the difference frequency of the self-excited circuit and multichannel interference. Built-in two channel 24 bit / 96 k sampling frequency of the high performance DSP processor, RS485 connector or network adjustment, input 31 section PEQ, output 10 section PEQ, input/output delay 0 to 25 ms is adjustable, and bringing the independent band-pass filter, all-pass filter, independent pressure limit, the noise control. The product has large power and low distortion, and the whole shielding sealing box makes the product meet the requirements of EMC and product safety level.


MODEL SA2.36 SA2.68 SA2.68II SA3.336 SA3.448
Output Power 8 Ohms 300W+600W   600W+800W 600W+800W 300W+300W+600W 400W+400W+800W
Output Power 4 Ohms 450W+900W 900W+1200W 900W+1200W 450W+450W+900W 600W+600W+1200W
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
Input Impedance 20k ohm/Balanced,10kohm/un-Balanced
S/N Ratio ≥95dB
THD <0.5%
Damping Factor/8ohm/1kHz >200
Slew Rate 20V/uS
Protection Soft Start,Short Circuit,Limiter,DC Fault,AC Line Fuse,Thermal Cut
Mains Power supply AC:110-240V/ 50Hz-60Hz   
Net Weight 3.6Kg 3.6Kg 3.6Kg 3.8Kg 3.8Kg